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Himax Brushless Motors
Himax Brushless Motors Himax Brushless motors are manufactured to high standards for the discerning modeler. Himax Motors are designed are lightweight, high efficiency, high torque, and durable. Himax Outrunner motors are sure to make your today’s radio controlled models perform. Please read the entire operating manual supplied with your Motor to ensure correct functionality and best performance. Operation of your Himax brushless motors: 1. Himax Brushless motors require brushless sensorless speed controls. Failure to use a brushless sensorless electronic speed control (ESC) can result in damage to the motor and/or ESC. The standard setting for timing advance is recommended for best operation. 2. The three wires of the motor can be connected to the three output leads of the ESC in any order. Check the direction of rotation of the motor. If the motor spins in the wrong direction switching any two of the motor wires will reverse rotation. Be sure to insulate the wires to prevent shorting which may dam-age the ESC. 3. Do not shorten the motor wires. Shortening or cutting the motor wires voids the warranty and may cause motor failure. If the supplied connectors are not to be used, remove them by desoldering. DO NOT CUT THE CONNECTORS OFF! 4. Allow for proper cooling of the motor during operation. With extremely high capacity batteries, care must be taken to pre-vent excessive motor temperature. Overheating of the motor is not covered under warranty. Insufficient cooling can result in overheated motors, even when operated at moderate power levels. 5. Do not disassemble the motor. Disassembling the motor voids the warranty. 6. Install the propeller after proper rotation has been determined. Consult the ESC operation manual for proper arming and use procedures. Be sure the prop is clear before starting the motor. Once the battery is plugged in stay clear of the prop, electric motors are capable of extremely high torque and can be very dangerous. 7. Verify the current draw. Excessive current draw will overheat and damage the motor. Overheating is not covered under warranty. The current must be within limits at full throttle. Verify the power consumption. Certain setups will run into the power limit before the current limit. Observe the current and power limits, which ever comes first. 8. The 15-second max current rating is for 3D or limited motor run applications. Excessive use at high throttle settings when set up for the 15 second rating will overheat the motor. Allow for adequate cooling between bursts. 9. Himax motors have a two year limited warranty to the original owner, excluding gearboxes. All motors are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects within two years of date of purchase. Not covered under warranty is crash damage, customer abuse, improper use, or overheating. Warranty claims should be handled directly with Maxx Products, 815 Oakwood Rd, Unit D, Lake Zurich, IL 60047. Be sure to include contact information and a descrip-tion of the problem including which ESC, battery, and prop was being used. If possible visit to obtain a service form. For further Information please consult the Manual supplied to your Motor or contact RCHUNGARY (